Being an artist permits me to express my perceptions of the world in ways that words fail to accomplish, and to share those emotions with others in meaningful and interesting ways.

Painting challenges me to see things from different viewpoints and my recent work is an exploration of the irreducible act of mark-making, exploring pattern, shape, form and design.

What began as a personal journey, where I worked with an expressionist naïve style, has translated into contemporary images which delve into the connectedness of the real and the abstract.

My mixed media artworks are punchy, bright and arresting, while more traditional pieces are, essentially, a conversation between color, paint handling, and texture.

I'm influenced by patterns on fabric, pop culture,   conversations and my influences encompass artists such as Jean-Pierre Cassigneul, Picasso, Basquiat and Mark Rothco.

I am a former magazine publisher and student of the Crawford College of Art. My work has been purchased by private collectors and has been exhibited in Gallo Rojo, Seville. 

I currently spend my time between Wicklow and Andalucia.

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Artwork available for purchase via Saatchi Art